SCG/OCG Courses

OCG and SCG are courses for school teachers in the Republic of Ireland who have qualified abroad. The schemes allow teachers to learn Irish while working. One of the requirements in both schemes is that candidates attend Irish courses at recognized providers in the Gaeltacht. Oideas Gael is a recognized provider for this.

We provide specialized preparatory courses for the SCG/OCG exams also.

Title Location Price
Saturday, 11 August 2018 — Saturday, 18 August 2018
Speaking Irish » Gleann Cholm Cille €220 Book now
Saturday, 18 August 2018 — Saturday, 25 August 2018
Irish Language Course » Gleann Cholm Cille €220 Book now

These courses start at 10am on the first day (Wednesday or Monday) and finish at 4pm on the last day (Sunday or Friday). We can organize accommodation for you for the night before and/or after: tell us on the booking form if you require this.

During the summer, language courses run weekly from June until the end of August. All are recognised for SCG/OCG weeks in the Gaeltacht.